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Scanster Password Manager is designed to securely store your passwords in one centralized location. Simply remember the master password and all stored information is just seconds away from being accessed. Password Shield organizes passwords by category for you and is easily configurable and customizable, allowing you full flexibility in managing your user name/ passwords records.

Scanster Password Manager setup is simple and only requires the creation of a master password and an email address (in case the master password is forgotten).

Scanster Password Manager is a time saving solution that stores all passwords in one place.

No more time wasted remembering where you wrote down your passwords. With Scanster Password Manager you’ll never lose a password again!


Scanster Password Manager Highlights


Scanster Password Manager stores all passwords in one secured location so you know where to look at all times! No need to reset passwords ever again because they are forgotten or misplaced.


Quick one-click lock down option to allow you to work with Scanster Password manager always open and on, and maintain your privacy on the go!


Quik and easy search features to allow you an easy find of your forgetten password by category, partial name and more!


The password strength analyzer assists in creating strong passwords, via combinations of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and other characters.

Award winning technology and products.

Professional grade tools to your PC protection.

All passwords are conveniently located in one secured location, so you know where to look...

No more forgotten or misplaced passwords!

Just For $ 19.99

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Scanster Password Manager Features


Scanster Password Manager stores all passwords in one easy to use program. All passwords are conveniently located in one place so the user knows where they are at all times. No need to reset passwords ever again because they are forgotten or misplaced.


You only need to remember your master password in order to access all of your stored passwords. The master password can be reset at any time once you are logged in. If you forget your master password, it can be emailed to you upon request.


Scanster Password Manager remembers user’s passwords allowing them to create varying and stronger passwords that do not require memorization. Using the same passwords for every online account makes it easier for thieves to gain access to a user’s personal information.


Scanster Password Manager stores passwords without any external data transfers to eliminate privacy risks. All of your passwords are stored on your computer helping to eliminate the risk of outside threats.


Scanster Password Manager saves time by keeping your passwords in one location on your computer. No need to look for those pieces of paper where you wrote down all of your passwords anymore, all passwords are contained within Password Manager.


With Scanster Password Manager you do not need to close the program every time you want your passwords to remain secure. There is a lock workspace button, (it looks like a padlock), on the home screen that gives you the option to lock Scanster Password Manager while the program is still running. This option comes in handy when you have to leave your computer for any reason, or if someone else has access to your computer. To unlock, simply enter your master password.


If you forget which label you placed your password under, use the search option to locate your file within Password Shield. This option saves time and makes using Password Manager simple and easy.

Use the analyzer to make sure your passwords are not too easy to guess! A strong password consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other hyphens.

Password Strength Analyzer!

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