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Who we are:

Scanster Softwares Private Limited is incorporated in year of 2013 at State of Telangana,  INDIA, as a Private Limited under the Indian Companies Act 2013. and in the Year 2018 Scanster Softwares has incorporated as Domestic LLC in California State, USA.

We are one of the growing software development company in India and USA. Our initial focus was on developing an industry leading cyber security. Since then we have developed an array of security tools to provide a fully comprehensive security suite capable of preventing even the most advanced cyber-crime attacks.

We are dedicated to providing solutions to each of their challenges and needs – and our dedication proves to be successful. With over 60 employees, and a team of 10+ engineers and researchers, Scanster is one of the innovative Information Technology security software company in the country today.

Our Commitment

Our commitment and advanced technology also keeps us motivate us to ahead in this competition. As aleading endpoint security company, we continue to improve our market position. 

Endpoint security is always core of our business, especially in the Home user segment. At the same time, over the coming few years, we expect one of our main growth drivers to be in the Small and Medium size business market, particularly in the non-endpoint security area. 

As the consumer needs change in line with the evolution of the threat landscape. Accordingly, we are constantly increasing our portfolio with security solutions and services.

Meat Our Team

Mohammed Rahim Khan


As a cyber security company and Market-driven approach to security application design and development, Scanster has been breaking new ground in the field of cyber security for more than 3 years.

Mohammed Rahim Khan has over 10 years of experience in successfully identifying market needs and building, marketing, and selling innovative cloud-based cyber security products and solutions.

Syed Asif


Syed Asif joined Scanster in 2018 and drives the company's operations towards continuous improvements, effectiveness, and efficiencies. Mr. Asif manages the company's activities in finance, accounting, human resources, and operations.

Mr. Asif brings expertise in organizational development and administration, accounting systems and development.

Abdul Rahman Ayubi

Chief information Officer

Abdul Rahman Ayubi joined Scanster as Chief Information Officer in January 2017. Since joining Scanster Mr. Ayubi has re-designed its IT infrastructure creating strong efficiencies while improving the customer experience online.

Shaik Ibrahim

Chief Marketing Officer

Shaik Ibrahim joined us as CMO in October 2017. Since joining Scanster Mr. Ibrahim has revitalized Marketing launching a new brand strategy and growing customer engagement and awareness.

Shirkar Raj Manne

Chief Human Resources Officer

Shrikar Raj Manne is our Chief Human Resources Officer. Since joining Scanster, Mr. Shrikar has successfully brought in top tier talent through innovative recruiting strategies and was instrumental in the successful integration of Scanster.

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