Revolutionary Antivirus Sheild
for your PC's, Laptop and Mobile

You can take advantage of our complete range of security features

all in one application that can be use across all Windows
and Android devices.


Protection against attempts to steal your Private Information on your devices


Connect to public WiFi networks anonymously with our safe VPN connections.


Helps to manage your passwords in a secure way in Scanster's digital vault


Detect and prevent malicious programs to access information through webcam or microphone,


Keep your documents safe and secure with scanster advanced encryption engine

Our Leading Products

Scanster AV

Scanster believe that cybersecurity should be completely hassle free. 
Our Anti-Virus provides advanced real-time protection ensuring you are fully protected from harmful threats & viruses.

Scanster Privacy Shield

Scanster Privacy Shield helps you detect various items on your computer that might compromise your online anonymity or even the security of your device and documents.

Scanster HD Cleaner

Scanster Hard Disk Cleaner is very user friendly, fast and easy to use application developed to free up disk space by deleting junk files that are no longer used by any software on the system.

Ransomware Defender

The most advanced and comprehensive solution that monitors your PC to block ransomware agents, featuring three scan modes for on-demand scans, quarantine manager, advanced scan settings, scheduled tasks, and more

Scanster PC Cleaner

Scanster PC Cleaner Inject instant speed into your machine by removing the unnecessary files taking up room on your hard drive. Clear out errors and broken settings to improve stability.

Scanster Anti Malware

Traditional antimalware fails because it’s slow to react to new threats. Our layers of technology like anomaly detection an AI, behavior matching, and application hardening to crush malware.

Anti Spyware

Scanster Anti Spyware programs help to block and prevent spyware and other malware infections on your computers. monitor incoming data from e-mail, websites, and downloads of files and stop spyware programs.

Scanster ID Theft Preventer

creating award-winning threat detection software. cyber/digital security solutions protect and helps all size businesses with privacy protection, data security, phishing and login credentials encryption.

Scanster Password Manager

Scanster Password Manager the best way to manage passwords. Just remember your master password and Our Password Manager remembers the rest. See for yourself how easy password management can be.

Award winning technology and products, trusted by millions of users worldwide!

Professional-grade software to enhance the performance and privacy of your devices!


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Cherre Hermogena Ceo

I been reading your negative reviews on Google Search. 99% of them are not paid memberships. They do not know how to delete cookies, or LAZY. Or do a virus scan or a boot scan. I been a Paid member for a least 1 or more years.

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Michael James Hme User

I have installed Scanster AV after malware got onto my computer, and I had to do a full restart of Windows 10. If the company believes in the customer and wants to actively be there for the customer, not just to get money, they would make this aspect free. I understand the other aspects, but you should be protected from malware on your computer.

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Gloria Home User

I’m a happy Scanster AV user but they set up automatic renewal without authorisation and then tried to charge me a $35 amount way over the amount the product retails for! What sneaky and underhand tactics which shouldn’t be necessary. Punishing loyal customers! Way to go Scanster!

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